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Jason "Jake" Barlow
Saturday, 13 September 2008

I have been a real estate agent for a little over 5 years now.  I speciallize in existing residential real estate, but I have alot of personal experience with land development and new construction.

Technology is a hobby and that fact carries over into my realestate practice.  My clients have access to more technology that the average client.  That means that a client is better informed, communication is improved and interests are better protected.

 Whether you are selling or buying...why don't you let me find the easiest way through your real estate transaction.



Twenty Thousand...Really?!
Sample ImageI see these signs all over the place now.  All read about the same.   And all are of the same kindergarten-finger-painting-project quality.

Does an Open House Pay Off?

Not very many years ago an open house was a good way to market real estate. Buyers were used to keeping an eye out for upcoming open houses and then visiting several in the course of buying a house. Now-a-days we don't get much activity from open houses. I don't think I can explain why. But I do think it has something to do with the advent of the internet. A buyer can go online and look through a dozen homes using Virtual Tours and digital photos at his own convenience in his own home and without any of the pressure from a home-owner or a Realtor. It kind of makes sense if you think about it, but I didn't write this article to discourage you from trying. Below you will find a few tips on how to make one successful gathered from professionals who still hold open houses.



Inexpensive Marketing Tools for Home-Owners
When it comes time to sell, a lot of home-owners consider selling their home themselves After all saving a few thousand dollars worth of commission is worth a try. There are getting to be a lot of marketing tools available to home-owners who are marketing their own home. Most don’t realize how many tools are available to them.

Beware! Choose Your Mortgage Officer Carefully.
In recent years we have seen we have seen the number of mortgage officers increase dramatically. There is a lot of money to be made selling mortgages and the laws that regulate who can become a mortgage officer make it very easy to become one. I know on a personal level at least half a dozen licensed mortgage officers. That doesn’t include those I have met in the course of being a Realtor. Since it is so easy to become a mortgage officer consumers have to be very careful when they choose who will help them get a loan for their new house. Let me give you some questions to ask prospective mortgage officers.

Real Estate 101: Investing for First Time Sellers
Sample ImageLet's get one thing straight right from the very beginning...Real Estate Investors are not evil and they undoubtedly serve a necessary purpose in our economy and the well-being of the industry in general.  When an investor buys a property he or she expects to pay less than the market price for it in order to be able to make a profit.  Since investors are the people who step in and buy properties that need extensive repairs or buy properties quickly when nobody else can, this is usually a good thing for both parties.  Sometimes you find unethical investors who are looking to turn a profit without creating a win-win deal.

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